Available in a wide range of styles to suit most applications
Sta-Lok offer a wide range of swage terminals to suit most applications and are suitable for all types of swaging machines. Manufactured from high specification 316 stainless steel grade 1.4401, all swage terminals are machined to close tolerances to ensure accurate termination.
Swage Studs are available in two styles for wire rope 3mm, 1/8” – 25mm, 1”. Open body style is secured with a split pin/ring. Closed body style is secured with a locking nut. Both styles are available with UNF and metric threads.
Swage Eyes are supplied as forged style for sizes 3mm, 1/8” – 10 mm, 3/8”.
Sizes 12, 7/16” – 25mm, 1” are machined from polished solid, stainless steel bar.
Swage Forks are available in the different styles:

Machined Forks – a high quality specification swage fork machined from solid stainless steel bar, supplied with a highly polished finish. For sizes 3-25mm. Reference 035.

Guard Rail Fork – manufactured as two piece weld free assembly. For wire sizes 4mm, 5/32” -5mm, 3/16”. Reference G035.

Welded Fork – a welded assembly. For wire sizes 2-6mm. Reference WSF.

Toggle Swages – designed to provide full articulation in two planes, reducing fatigue in non rigid applications.

T Terminals – universal fitting to fit most mast backing plates. For wire sizes 3-10mm.

Shroud Terminals – designed to fit Navtec backing plates. For wire sizes 3-12mm.

Stemball Swages – fully machined to fit most spreader brackets, tip cups and backing plates. For wire sizes 4-16mm.

Ball Swages – designed with stylish lines to provide elegant and practical features where angular alignment is required.

Dome Head Swage – ideal for balustrading applications. The dome head form ensures a secure, snag free end. For wire sizes 3-8mm.