The Sta-Lok stainless steel Tie Rod / Tie Bar system delivers the ultimate in rigging design for architects, engineers and contractors. An attractive, high quality and low maintenance alternative to wire rope rigging, smaller end fittings accommodate a lighter weight compared to other systems. Our quality system ensures that each component is 100% inspected and conforms to your exact specification. Sta-Lok’s Tie Rod / Tie Bar systems are used in a vast range of structural and decorative applications:
  • Glass curtain wall support
  • Support and tension systems
  • Roof tie rod and trusses
  • Bridge suspensions
  • Structural bracing
  • Modern sculptures
  • Awning and fixture hangings
Tie Bars / Tie Rods are manufactured from high strength Stainless Steel 316 (1.4404) or Duplex 2205 (1.4462). Six metre system lengths are available and the use of rod connectors will achieve longer spans. Products come with fittings threaded left hand one end and right the other. Increase or decrease in adjustment is produced when the rod is rotated in a clockwise or counter clockwise rotation.
The design utilises conical locking nuts to cover tie bar threads at mid adjustment, allowing a clean line between the rod and end fitting. All come ready to install, with fork ends pre-assembled and adjusted to your pin / pin requirements, along with sleek geometry they meet the requirements of modern day architecture.
Fork Ends (F34) – Fork ends have a wide range of adjustment and are supplied as standard with double headed pins, including pin heads and locking screws.


Spade Ends (F33) – Spade ends fit within twin connecting plates.

RTP System
 – These unique ends are designed to provide tension and support between steel members.
HD Centre Discs – Being designed to BS 5950-1:2000 and material specification EN 10088, the discs are made to fit F34 Tie Rod fork ends. Supplied with either 3 or 4 holes, they connect multiple Tie Rods to a central point.
Fundamentally, the Sta-Lok system can be tailored to meet the strength and dimensional requirements for almost any project. This is achieved when offered a choice of standard and high capacity stainless steel rods and fittings.
Technical specialists are available to assist with design details and product selection.