CableRail™ provides properties with a low maintenance, durable and virtually invisible Balustrade and Railing infill. Serving a long life cycle, standard CableRail™ is attractive, affordable and easy to install.
Made from rust free 316 stainless steel, the unique solution provides cable at 1×19 constructions, and is available at diameters of 4mm or 5mm. Both are sold in pre-cut lengths to make your order easier. This allows you to avoid precise measuring, as excess cable can be trimmed off.
Designed to be used with metal or wood posts, the stylish cable works for interior and exterior use, and requires the simplest hand tools to assemble. CableRail™ includes cable, stainless steel caps, washers, washer nut and a QuickConnect-SS™ which means anyone, regardless of their construction experience, can use CableRail™.

Sta-Lok Cable Rails on the Millenium Bridge