Bow Thrusters

Bow thrusters have become a very common way to render manoeuverability of the vessel practical and functional, through remote commands.

Water Heaters

A range of Nautic Boilers features a heat exchange capacity that is notably higher than that of other manufacturers.


The Quick range of navigation lights cover the needs for power and sailing boats of up to 12 and 20 metres in length.

Energy Range

The Quick® energy range includes a line of SBC Advanced Plus switching technology battery chargers, which are among the most sophisticated products available on the market; “AJ” sine wave inverters, and VRG and VRS voltage reducers.

Quick® Accessories

Control boards for windlasses, battery isolators, various types of pushbuttons and circuit breakers, bilge pumps, and so forth.

Windlasses and Capstans

Windlasses make boating more enjoyable by reducing the effort required to lift and lower heavy ground tackle making anchoring faster, easier and most importantly, safer. Capstans are generally used for mooring and manoeuvering activities (dock line handling).