“flush-deck” hydraulic or electric foresail furlers for fixed stay

The GFSI- GFSE series has been completely upgraded combining new technology and experience deriving from the previous series in production since 2003. These motorized furlers with self-aligning spherical fulcrum, designed for a structural flush-deck installation, may also be supplied with … Continued


hydraulic foresail furler

Bamar “GFI” series: hydraulic systems to furl and reef sails. A combination of innovative technology and experience gained while working with prestigious boat yards. These furlers offer and grant high performances and long duration, since they are designed and manufactured … Continued


electric foresail furler

EJF has been developed combining technology and design. The evolution of technology in the sailing world grows more and more towards semiautomatic mechanisms which satisfy the demand for performance, reliability and quality. Bamar presents this new line of electric foresail … Continued


electric foresail furler with spherical fulcrum

Bamar flush-deck electric foresail furler with spherical fulcrum is available in 2 sizes: MEJS1.02 (for stay diameters from 8 to 14 mm) and MEJS2.02 (for stay diameters from 14 to 19 mm). The motorization may be supplied complete with aluminium … Continued


electric foresail furler

Available in different sizes for either 1×19 wire stays from Ø 8 to Ø 32mm, or Rod stays from -17 to -150. By means of tack adapters it may be fitted onto existing furling foils to replace either manual or … Continued


manual foresail furler

Manual foresail furler available in different sizes C0, C0T, C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5 (for either 1×19 Wire stays from Ø 4 to Ø 16 mm, or Rod from #10 to #40). The kit is supplied complete with aluminum … Continued

Hydraulic cylinder

Bamar standard cylinders are manufactured with high quality materials. Rods are made from polished stainless steel type AISI 316. Tube, fork and cap are all machined from hardcote anodized aluminium. Upon demand we may supply special lengths and custom cylinders … Continued

Hydraulic Boom Vang

Vang cylinders are equipped with a pressure rod release. Pressure is charged through a “pneumatic” valve located on the cylinder body, near to the boom-side vang terminal. Gas pressure is to be adjusted depending both on the release speed you … Continued


hydraulic cylinder with tackle

It is a tackle system operated by a “push-pull” hydraulic cylinder. It has been designed mainly for the management of sheets (mainsail, genoa), but it may also be used for other running rigging (runner). The device is made up by … Continued


hydraulic stay tensioning cylinder with spherical fulcrum

An innovative evolution of the “classical” hydraulic stay tensioning cylinder. It makes use of a special spherical connection on deck which allows for the correct alignment of the stay. Moreover, the system keeps the cylinder body water-tight below deck, thus … Continued